ECO Ghelamco closer to building Warszawa Gdańska Station

The concept of the development of Warszawa Gdańska Station
PKP SA invited Ghelamco to further negotiations about the development of Warszawa Gdańska Station’s area.

Site development plans were submitted by three entities: Consortium Ymma Holding B.V., Penta Investments Sp. z o. o., Penta Investments Limited; Ghelamco GP 6 Sp. z o.o. HQ Sp. k.a. and Consortium Immobel Poland Sp. z o. o., Immobel SA. We invited Ghelamco GP 6 sp. z o.o. HQ, limited joint-stock partnership, to further negotiations about the site development. The talks are still in progress. We plan that the agreement with the final investor will be signed in the first quarter of the current year, informs Aleksandra Dąbek from the Press Office of Polish State Railways.


The design presented by Ghelamco was made in the renowned studio SUD Architekt Polska. The assumption behind this design is to create a new urban fabric, the key point of which will be a new Polish State Railways station. It is to be a modern communication junction, offering also service and commercial points for travellers.


One of the most important assumptions of the design by Ghelamco is creating a town-planning and functional connection between Śródmieście and Żoliborz. Such a connection does not exist, and these areas are divided by railway areas. The design involves building a platform over the railway track and platforms. Two promenades integrated with interior city gardens and neighbouring commercial buildings are to be built there.


In their design, Ghelamco intends to connect many functions, including public transport, transfer zone, new railway station, metro, offices, commerce, leisure areas and green areas. The complex will be built in accordance with the ecological certificate BREEM.

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