The renovation of Dom Prasy is nearing completion

The reconstructed Dom Prasy (Press House) in Katowice
Clerks will move into the building in Katowice, which was previously taken up by the editorial staff of Dziennik Zachodni (Western Daily).

In the building on Młyńska 1 Street in Katowice, finishing and arrangement works are currently in progress. They are to be completed by the end of the current quarter.


Dom Prasy is being modernised for the needs of Katowice City Council. After the renovation, several departments of Katowice City Council will find their seats here, and on the first floor there will be the Citizen Service Bureau of Katowice City Council.


Previously the building was rented by the editorial staff of Dziennik Zachodni; even earlier, there were two editorial offices here: that of the aforementioned paper and Trybuna Śląska (Silesian Tribune) and in the time of Polish People’s Republic - two editorial offices: of Dziennik Zachodni and Trybuna Robotnicza (Workers’ Tribune), informs Dariusz Czapla from the Press Office of Katowice City Council.


Renovations included reconstruction and extension of the building, constructed in 1963, as well as changing its use to administrative-office-service public utility building. All internal installations have been replaced, such as power system, teletechnical installations, comfort ventilation, fire ventilation, air-conditioning, heating and water. What is more, the construction of the building was strengthened, according to the recommendations of expert opinion on thermomodernisation of the building, that is, the windows, outer panelling was replaced, the building was provided with thermal insulation and the roof was renovated. In addition, the building was adjusted to the current fire regulations, and the interior was reconstructed. The works included also development of the property within the frames of the existing plot of land, as well as reconstruction of sewage and water laterals and lay drains, construction of water supply connection for the needs of fire fighting supplies.

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