Three Polish cities are strong on the world map of outsourcing

In the latest report of Tholons, presenting the best outsourcing locations on the world, Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław strengthen their positions.

Kraków, which was the first Central-Eastern Europe city to get to the top ten of the report Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations by Tholons, in the latest edition climbed one notch up and ended up on 9th place. In the same way, it chased Dublin away and is now the European city with the highest rating. Only locations from India and Philippines have better scores.


The capital of Lesser Poland is the only Polish city which stands out on the world map of outsourcing. Also, Warsaw and Wrocław got high scores. Warsaw moved four notches up and ended up on 32nd place. Also, Wrocław is worth mentioning, as it went 10 notches up and ended up on 65th place.


The first places in the ranking are still dominated by locations in India. Bangalore remains the leader. There has been a change on the second place, which was taken by Manila (the capital of the Philippines) while Bombay took the third place. The rest of the places in the top ten (apart from Kraków changing places with Dublin) remained unchanged.


According to the data gathered by ABSL (Association of Business Service Leaders) in Poland there is over 400 business service centres, which employ over 100 000 people. Growth dynamics of employment in this sector is at the level of about 20% and is characterised by the highest stability in all countries in Central-Eastern Europe. Kraków stands out against the background of Polish cities, being responsible for about 23% of all BPO sector workers employed in Poland, with employment at the level of 25 000, according to ABSL’s report Business services sector in Poland 2013.

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