Warsaw Spire with precedent square?

Visualization of Warsaw Spire in Warsaw
Visualization of Warsaw Spire in Warsaw
Ghelamco company submitted a proposal to name the space on their investment area. “European Square” sparked a heated discussion during the session of the Warsaw councillors on Thursday, 13 February.

The Council of Warsaw had doubts not about the name itself, which was suggested by the investor, but about the formal existence of the object which was to have this name.


After all, in the land development plan, there is no square there, said Andrzej Kropiwnicki, the councillor. Councillors discussed that since the square has not been separated according to local law, its naming could be against the law. What is a square and what is not, according to the law, was the subject of reflection for Jarosław Szostakowski, councillor. It can create precedents, which I do not know if we want to face, he said.


During the session, the representative of Ghelamco, Malwina Pawłowska, also spoke and explained that Warsaw Spire is a multi-functional investment. Between the three buildings, there is a square and we want it to be available for the residents and the users of the buildings without any restrictions, she argued.


Finally, the councillors asked the advice of legal services agency whose representative admitted that there may be actual doubts as to the formal existence of the square in question. The statement of the city lawyer ended the discussion of the councillors, and thus the resolution was sent to the naming commission for consideration.


Opening of the Warsaw Spire is scheduled for 2015. The entire complex will amount to 100 000 sq. m of office space, and the open square between the buildings will be also used by the ordinary residents of the city.

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