The popularity of coworking offices grows

In Warsaw, there are over 20 coworking offices. The popularity of this form of work in Poland is constantly growing.

Coworking provides an opportunity to work individually or in team in a rented room. This type of work is chosen mostly by freelancers and people who are self-employed and cannot afford to rent a separate office. Coworking is usually more comfortable than working at home. Companies from one coworking office often work together, providing their services to one another.


In Poland, the cradle of coworking is in Warsaw, where there are over 20 offices of this kind. Coworking office offers additional services, such as virtual address. It is the perfect solution for companies which do not want to register their businesses at home. Within the frames of this package, they get many additional options, such as mail service, rental of conference halls and suchlike, explains Paulina Bochnacka from HUB Kolektyw.


Coworking office offers also the so-called virtual assistant. This service is dedicated to companies which need additional support, for example in December in preparing Christmas cards for contractors and customers. There is something for each company according to its needs. Starting at 49 zloty per month, you can register your company at a virtual address with mail service, opportunity to make use of meeting room for your customers, as well as coffee set, says Paulina Bochnacka.


The person using coworking office has at his or her disposal the following things: workplace, access to office equipment as well as a coffee set. Undoubtedly, the advantage of this form of work is being exposed to new stimuli, which can awaken creativity and increase work productivity. Another advantage is the possibility of networking and striking up new business acquaintances. It is also important that by renting a desk in one of coworking offices we do not permanently attach ourselves to one place. The main disadvantage is that there is a lot of people there, as in any office, which inevitably results in noise.

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