CBRE as Shell’s consulting company

CBRE company announced that it won the global contract for consultancy for the Shell company in real estate segment.

CBRE manages the real estate holdings of Shell from 2010. This year, the company extended and expanded the contract with Royal Dutch Shell Plc. and as a result, it will manage the real estate of Shell in 22 countries on 4 continents.


According to the contract, Corporate Customers Service Department of CBRE is to provide transaction management services, lease agreements administration and consultancy in the field of real estate. The real estate holdings in the care of CBRE include over 9000 properties.  


CBRE manages Shell’s real estate in Europe, Asia and Pacific, North America and Africa.


Shell is a long-standing customer of CBRE in Europe. We are proud not only of the extension of the contract, but also of extending our co-operation with the regions of Asia, Africa and North America. Our experts from branches servicing the oil and automobile sectors will ensure the highest quality of service to Shell, thanks to global platform and special technologies dedicated to our Customer, commented Mark Caskey, Corporate Customer Service Director in CBRE for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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