This is how the flexible office of CBRE in Warsaw looks like

A new office of CBRE in Warsaw
The consulting company CBRE moved from the 12th to 24th floor in the Rondo 1 office block and introduced a new workplace strategy.

CBRE is an international consulting company, which has its Warsaw headquarters on Rondo ONZ. In mid-March, the company moved its offices from 12th to 24th floor.


The motivation behind the change of the headquarters was a considerable development of the company’s activity in Poland. We needed a new office which will provide us with additional space for further expansion. The company CBRE will take up 1 600 sq. m of the new area in Rondo 1, two times as much as up to now, and, most importantly, we will work according to an innovative workplace philosophy, in the flexible office system, explained Colin Waddell, managing director of CBRE in Poland.


Warsaw headquarters of CBRE was arranged according to the idea of Workplace 360, developed by the internal team Workplace Consultancy. It is the sixth office of the company in the world, after Amsterdam, Madrid, Los Angeles, Chicago and Prague, which has adopted this strategy.


Our moving is connected with the development of the company, as well as with the offered services related to the new workplace philosophy - our new office is the best way to show the services we provide. I am convinced that the new office layout will foster cooperation between individual employees, as well as between the departments in our company. Better cooperation and better information flow will have a direct impact on the increase in the quality of services provided by us. I hope that our present and future Customers will be pleased, says Colin Waddell.


The workplace philosophy, implemented by CBRE, is based on the idea of co-operation, information flow and project and team work. Workplaces can serve different purpose, depending on specific projects and teams. The employees are not ordered by the authorities where they should be located, which means that everyone can choose his or her place.


The main reason why the so-called flexible office was introduced was the increase in the efficiency of work. Thanks to this concept, space can be freely used and adjusted to specific tasks, which reduces the frequency of moving the office. Co-operation between departments is also strengthened, and young employees appreciate the informal atmosphere and modern design. The new space arrangement also positively influences the image of the company and the brand image. The new philosophy is not only the change in the layout and use of the office, but most of all, the change in corporate culture which has a significant influence on improving and strengthening the relationships between employees, confirms Jonathan Steer, the construction consultancy director, one of the authors of the new concept of CBRE office.


To ensure good working conditions in various situations, in the office of CBRE there are the so-called individual work offices, which provide silence and peace, as well as meeting rooms, designed for team work.


The new workplace philosophy is not only the change in the layout and design of the office, but, as the name suggests, the change in work philosophy, the change of the style of work. What is most important is the trust between employer and employee, the way in which people approach their duties, their responsibilities. These new practices are based on the management system, which assumes trust and mutual respect, and that is why the new workplace philosophy is considered by the majority of experienced managers as a opportunity for development, and not as a threat, adds Jonathan Steer.


The new office of CBRE was designed by Iwona Pasik, senior architect in the construction consultancy department in CBRE. The services included in the new workplace strategy and the concept of the new office were prepared together by CBRE specialist teams from Poland and Europe.


In an era where companies both in Poland and abroad strive to reduce costs, combining operational units and economising on the real estate costs helps to achieve better financial results. That is why the companies often use new office strategies. Please visit our new office and see how it works in practice, sums up Jonathan Steer.

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