Colliers sums up the first quarter

Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw
Poleczki Business Park in Warsaw
In the first quarter of this year, the company Colliers International counselled by the lease agreements including a total of ca. 40 000 sq. m of office space.

The results achieved in this period are 12.5 percent better than the ones achieved by Colliers in the first quarter of 2013.


The tenants are determined to complete transactions. That is why the number of signed contracts grows. It is important that it does not apply only to Warsaw, but also to regional cities. Positive signals come from Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław. We are glad that more and more is going on in Łódź, which was a difficult market until now. Currently, there is a large interest in Łódź, and I think that in the coming weeks some developers will be able to boast new contracts, commented Paweł Skałba, partner in Colliers International and the head of the Office Space Department.


Ewelina Kałużna, the manager of the Office Space Department and the Representative of the Owner in Colliers International, also speaks about positive mood on the office market: Today we can see that the second quarter will be also very busy and will finish with a large number of signed contracts. The current situation on the market is very favourable for the tenants, who thanks to the large supply can pick and choose various offers. In addition, the terms offered by the developers preparing new projects are very attractive. All this encourages the tenants to make decisions about moving their offices or re-negotiating their current contracts. Ewelina Kałużna adds that currently one can observe a new trend on the market - significant consolidation of the tenants from the government sector.


During the first three months of this year, Colliers represented, among others, the company Provident. It took up over 4 000 sq. m in the complex Gdański Business Center, under construction in Warsaw. The experts also counselled the company Altkom, which re-negotiated the lease agreement of 4 000 sq. m in Warsaw Trade Tower. The company Colliers International represented also: Carlson Wagonlit eCentre (ca. 2000 sq. m in Congres in Rzeszów); Compuware (more than 3000 sq. m in Alchemia in Gdańsk) and Objectivity ( increasing the lease area to 2 000 sq. m in West Forum in Wrocław).


From the side of the building owners, the experts of Colliers International found tenants of, among others, Poleczki Business Park and Oxygen Park.


We expect that big transactions will abound in the year 2014. What is important is the fact that many customers develop their business, which will generate demand for office space, though one has to point out that re-negotiations dominated in the first quarter of 2013. It is worth emphasising that the tenants are getting better educated, and now a large number of them pays attention to the efficiency of the used space or changes their offices in accordance with the concepts of workplace solutions, summed up Paweł Skałba.

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