ECO See the design of the company Hanwha’s main headquarters!

The façade designed by UNStudio
The design by UNStudio won in the competition for the reconstruction of the office tower, the headquarters of the company Hanwha in Seoul.

Within the frames of the modernisation of the office block, the reconstruction of the facade will be conducted, the renovation of, among others, the common parts and the lobby, as well as re-design of the external surroundings of the building.


The property is located in the Cheonggyecheon in Seoul and has 57 696 sq. m of space. Hanwha decided that the headquarters do not express the spirit of the company, which is the world leader of ecological solutions. The winning project was created in the studio of UNStudio in co-operation with the companies: Arup, Loos van Vliet and agLicht.


The project is characterized by an unusual façade, which is illuminated by LED lamps. The lighting emphasises not only various parts of the building, but also the area developed next to it. On the animated façade, there are images connected with nature, data processing and various energy forms. As it was emphasised by the architect Ben van Berkel, in the evening the lighting of the façade goes well with the night sky. The solutions implemented in the design of the façade ensure its being ecological. The company Hanwha also demanded that the environment inside the building should be improved, which were to increase the comfort of use. The façade will ensure the optimal access of daylight, taking into account the building’s location in relation to the four points of the compass and the surrounding buildings.


In the design by UNStudio, the lobby in the building is integrated with the exterior surroundings by the use of natural material and numerous plants. The arrangement is complemented by wooden furniture, subtle colouring and a coffee house corner.

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