Unibep builds a complex in Russia for 140 million zlotys

Apartment and office complex which will be realized by Unibep in Russia
Complex is supposed to be realized in the fourth quarter of 2015
Unibep signed a contract for construction of an office and apartment complex in Russian Tiumeń.

The value of the contract amounts to over 140 million zlotys and it was concluded with OOO «MPF «Złote Klucze». It is the greatest agreement signed this year by Unibep on the export markets. Within the contract, the company is supposed to realize a complex in Russian Tiumeń on the border with Kazakhstan. 


The export construction has been always a crucial business element in Unibep Group. Other signed contracts, including the one in Tiumeń, are continuation of long works on offering and tough negotiations – says Jan Mikołuszko, Chairman of the Board in Unibep SA. 


The complex will be composed of two buildings and each of them will offer ca. 8700 sq. m of usable area. Moreover, 99 apartments and 16 300 sq. m of office area will be realized within the investment. There will be also service premises with cafés, restaurants and commercial part on the ground floors of the buildings. The area between the apartment and office will be developed and surrounded by terraces. Furthermore, there will be a bicycle part behind the closest running street. All users of the complex will benefit from an underground garage offering 360 parking places. The completion of the building is planned on the fourth quarter of 2015.  


It is a very big and demanding contract but also a very interesting one. Unibep is realizing a prestigious investment on Syberia for the first time. The investor expects from us higher quality of realization and technical cooperation than in the case of investments which are currently being realized on this market. It has clients who expect high European standards which could not be provided by foregoing contractors – sums up Jan Mikołuszko.    


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