Office at Castle Square without delay

Building of the Castle Square - Business with Heritage office, view at the crossroads of Miodowa and Senatorska Streets
View of investment from Miodowa Street
The investment in close neighborhood of the Sigismund's Column in Warsaw, which aroused many protests and controversies, is currently at advanced stage of building.

The building of Castle Square – Business with Heritage will be completed in the first quarter of the following year and then the first tenants will be moving into the office. According to the investor – that is Senatorska Investment, the present stage of works is advanced. He also informs that the building is being conducted in accordance with the schedule.


The most advanced works are being conducted from Miodowa Street – a construction of the second floor is being realized there. The stages of conducted works are diversified due to specifics of the building's construction which is different than standard applied solutions. Part of the building at the crossroads of Miodowa and Senatorska Streets is based on a bridge building located above the tunnel of the W-Z route. Its project was devised by experts from ARUP in cooperation with specialists from Warsaw University of Technology. The project includes i.a. compressed beams and steel wires performed in a beam and situated in special quills.  


The zero stage was completed on the area of the whole investment this month. It means that the reinforced concrete construction was finished in underground tiers as well as ceiling on the level of the ground. At present, the works at reinforced concrete construction of aboveground tiers are being conducted: pales, walls and ceiling of the ground floor, first and second floor of the building are being performed. The completion of this stage is envisaged on the fourth quarter of 2014. Moreover, the performance of the whole construction of the roof is also planned in this period.


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