Białystok has additional offices area

In the newly created Białostocki National-Technology Park -– new buildings grow.

In the newly builded bialostocki science-technological park new buildings began to grow. It will be Technical Incubator (about 5 750 sq.meters of floor area) and Technical Center (about 7 250 sq.meters)

The first will be the headquarter of administration, resposible for maintainig and development of investments, moreover it will be the main bilding in the Park. Besides the conference rooms, there is office space. Park will be subzone of Suwalska Special Economical Area.

Second building will contains offices and also areas for production and services activities. Ther will be also special room for high technologies and labolatories.

Park is created since 2008. Total amount of investment is around  170 mln polish złotych, where 70% is funded from the union program "Development of east Poland".

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