Innopolis Wrocław is completed

Wrocław Technology Park
Wrocław Technology Park
The biggest laboratory and office investment was realized on the area of Wrocław. The owner of the newly built complex dedicated to small and medium companies conducting research and development works is Wrocław Technology Park.

The investment with the value of 183 million zlotys is composed of five modern buildings: Alfa, Delta, Omega, Lambda and Sigma as well as 12 specialized laboratories and prototypes equipped with specialist research and development equipment. The Innopolis complex is one of the biggest projects realized by Wrocław Technology Park thanks to European funds. Its building has been lasting since 2007 and the aggregate area of the complex amounts to 34 000 sq. m. As a target, entrepreneurs and residents will be able to locate ca. 1750 their employees in all structures.


200 companies hiring 1600 employees are functioning on the area of Wrocław Technology Park. These are companies engaged in i.a. biotechnology, medicine, cryogenics or mechanics as well as enterprises from the IT, chemistry's and electronic sectors. Among them there are i.a. General Robotics and Techtra.  


The official opening of Innopolis Wrocław will be held on the nearest Friday. The participants will be i.a. Rafał Dutkiewicz – president of Wrocław, Cezary Przybylski – Marshall of the Lower Silesia Voivodship and Bożena Lublińska-Kasprzak – chairman of the Polish Entrepreneurship Development Agency.  


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