Give blood in the office

Action blood Wrocław Technology Park, photo. Http://
Action blood Wrocław Technology Park, photo. Http://
3 September between 9:00 am and 12:30 Wroclaw Technology Park Action will be blood, where willing people will be able to give blood.

In order to donate blood you must meet several mandatory conditions: be of legal age to 65 years of age, weigh more than 50 kg, do not give blood for the past 56 days and enjoy good health. In addition, on the stock should have a light meal and refrain from smoking. Just prior, to blood donation is also necessary to show photo identification and Social Security number.


Blood donation process begins by filling in the questionnaire and preliminary examination. The same download takes about 10 minutes, during which lost 450 ml, which is approx. 8 percent of blood in the body. Once downloaded is recommended that a 10-15 minute rest and eat chocolate, as the equivalent of donated blood.


Advantages of being an honorary donor:

  • satisfaction that the donation could save someone's life,

  • the possibility of obtaining free laboratory tests (blood group, blood cell count, viral research)

  • after 5 days, you can go to the Blood Center in Wroclaw, ul. Red Cross to collect the results of 5-9 (blood group, morphology, results in the carrier HBV, HCV and HIV, the test result syphilitic)

  • the title of Honoured Voluntary Blood Donor awarded after giving 5 liters of blood (for women) or 6 liters of blood (for men), authorizing the receiving free medication on the list of basic and supplementary, and to the benefits of health care facilities and pharmacies outside order,

  • ticket-free driving in Wroclaw after giving 18 liters (for men) and 15 (in the case of women)

  • blood donation day off from work,

  • the possibility of a tax deduction for donated blood.


Contraindications to donate include severe diseases: digestive, circulatory, nervous, respiratory, urinary tract and kidneys, as well as infectious diseases, venereal, psoriasis, diabetes and cancer. Temporary inability to donate also show people after surgery and piercings (for 6 months), while in prison and six months after leaving, during menstruation and three days after the end of a history of infections (for 2 weeks after symptoms or treatment), after vaccination against influenza or hepatitis (for 48 hours) and during pregnancy and six months after birth.

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