Is Lodz City Gate open despite the difficulties?

Lodz City Gate,  Daniel Libeskinda
Due to the withdrawal of the first investor, the project can still be change
Mayor of Lodz Hanna Zdanowska presented a timetable for implementation of the City Gate - key for Lodz investment, which in June withdrew the LDZ Gate company.

Calendar of Municipality activities in the implementation of the project includes: to the September current year - finalization of the local land use plan of plot for the New Centre of Lodz; in next month's valuation of the plot for Gate City; in late October and early November to submit a draft resolution to sell the plot to the Council of the City, and at the turn of the year to organize a new tender.

In June of current year Gate LDZ company withdrew from the Lodz purchase the plot and the investment Gate City. The atmosphere of suspicion, misunderstandings and politicking on the part of councilors, particularly Mr. Luke Magin and Club Lodz 2020, is not conducive to investment. In such a climate, it can’t be done business, and it's so important for Lodz. Don’t be discouraged entrepreneurs, frighten Lodzians and spin negative vision - commented first Vice Mayor Mark Cieslak.

Who will be the new investor?

Further discussions on the construction of a city, which, i.a., with the management mBank. We want to continue important for the city project, which is blocked the political systems. We further talks on the construction of Gate City, including with management mBank - said the Mayor of Lodz Hanna Zdanowska. Interest in the project confirmed by the president of mBank Cezary Stypułkowski, whose company is looking for representative offices for more than 2,500 employees at its headquarters. If it will be a good offer from the city, we take into account the location in the Gate City, and soon we have to make a choice - announced in July, the president of mBank Cezary Stypułkowski.

City Gate is an architectural showcase of Lodz. The author of the concept is representative of deconstructivist mainstream Daniel Libeskind, the winner of the competition for the project management of the site of the World Trade Center in New York City. In his portfolio, there are also projects such as the Jewish Museum in Berlin, Jewish Museum in San Francisco and the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester.

City Gate project consists of intersecting with each spatial forms, forming an integral body. The culmination of the object is formed of two elements, arranged in a specific gate, reminiscent of intertwined branches over the road. Building will be able to go from Lodz Fabryczna station in the direction Piotrowska Street. On the ground floor of City Gate will be served as commercial space, offices above, and on the top floors will include flats and luxury apartments. In the basement of the planned 400 parking spaces. The estimated surface of the building is 38 630 sqm., And the highest point of the building reaches a height of 64 m. Ultimately, in the facility will work 3,800 people.


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