Game instead of training

Modern business applications enable a combination between entertainment and study. Thanks to them, employees can master sales or customer relations management techniques more easily.

The example of a business application, which simplifies gaining and keeping clients, is CRM Game, combining application and game features. Interactive tools can stimulate the structure of a real company, allowing to know mechanisms and processes which occur between both different departments in a company and clients. Using them, an employee may examine his abilities in practice, monitor the progresses and... make mistakes, from which he will learn a valuable lesson for future – to use in a real business situation. We combined a strategic game with interface, which is a business application. One can improve his CRM skills during playing. In the game, we supply some soft information, that is how to sell and what to know in order to operate this application skilfully – says Ambroży Rybicki, CRM expert in the ARP Ideas Sp. z o.o. company.

GRM Game is based on solutions of business applications and programmes used in companies to create workflows and information transfer. The game enables sales employees to gain experience and improve their skills. To management, in turn, it allows monitoring the effects of personnel’s virtual “work”. Furthermore, sales director receives feedback about which employees are better and which should still work on their sales techniques.

CRM SIM is a quite interesting combination of technology. We have an interface of a business application and beneath the whole world of buyers is stimulated by Workflow Foundation, which is a typical business tool. We made a game basing actually only on business solutions – explains Ambroży Rybicki.

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