Staff without any experience?

The employment growth of people without professional experience, who have just finished their high schools or graduated, may prove to be a chance for decreasing of unemployment in Europe. Additionally, companies even more often decide on cooperation with universities.

In Poland, among those who have not reached 25 yet, the jobless rate totals 25 per cent. According to Eurostat, the amount of young people from the area of the European Union who do not have any profession, remains almost the same (23 per cent). Companies, functioning on the Community markets, began to prevent the increasing unemployment. Among them, it is worth to mention, for example, Nestle corporation, which announced an European Initiative to the benefit of Young People Employment. It is being realized in all countries of the European Union, including every area of business and possible levels of employment. Nestle programme stipulates, for instance, the employment of 10 000 people under the age of 30 till 2016, including formation of 10 000 internships and work practices at the same time as well as organization of a “Readiness to work” programme in schools and universities, which envisages conducting classes about preparing application documents.

Jeronimo Martins, which functions on the native market, may be indicated as an example of a Polish initiative. It is going to hire thousands of graduates for managerial positions in shops like Biedronka or Hebe in the nearest several years. These programmes, which are being prepared by companies, are not so many so far and, as it is apparent, they are mainly in the area of commerce, but we need to start somewhere – finds Małgorzata Starczewska-Krzysztoszek, main economists of Lewiatan Confederation.

The novelization of the Higher Education Act, which obtains since 1st October of 2014, stipulates greater cooperation between universities and companies and prolongs a student practice to three months on practical profile specializations. Thanks to introduced changes, people who already finish their studies will be able to identify themselves with a better experience in front of the future employer. It is going to increase their chances for employment. Young people have a theoretical knowledge, quite a decent one. Sometimes even greater than necessary in their present and future professional life. On the other hand, what they do not have after an educational process is experiencecomments Małgorzata Starczewska-Krzysztoszek. I hope that programmes, launched by big companies aimed at graduates, will be built for them in a way to gain experience not in a one place in the company but also in many departments, so as they could know what the work in a firm really is and so as their abilities would be enriched by much more wide experiencesadds.


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