Offices and hotel above the Cracow bus station

Visualization of a reconstructed MDA station in Cracow
Three tiers will be added above the main plate
Above the bus station in Cracow, a hotel as well as nearly 100 sq. m of office space intended to domestic needs of Little Poland Bus Stations will arise.

MDA are going to overbuild three additional tiers over the upper plate of a Cracow bus station. Details of the investment are not known yet, we do not know who will be the general constructor of the project, and when the works will start. We would like the overbuilding to start this year, but if it is the beginning of the next year, it would not be a problem for us. However, we would like to complete the investment before the World Youth Day – said during the conversation with Marcin Gall, company president of Little Poland Bus Stations. It is worth to notice that a mentioned event is going to start on 26 July 2016.


The renovation of the upper plate of the bus station finished on June this year. However, in November another extension will start, which envisages a combination of the upper plate – including also an access to a planned hotel – with the upper plate of the PKP station, that is a parking, from which hotel quests will benefit. Thanks to that, as Marcin Fall states, hotel clients will not use parking places which are located on the streets neighbouring stations and Galeria Krakowska.

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