Only three weeks left until Warsaw construction platform

Warsaw International Building and Interiors Exhibition 2014
Conferences on application of a ready-mix concrete and double glazing in construction, demonstrations with participation of professionals, workshops and consulting points – these are only few attractions of many during the Warsaw Build Exhibition 2014.

Polish construction in the East


Currently, the expansion of a Polish construction sector is taking place in the biggest cities of the Eastern Block’s countries. Warsaw Build Exhibition 2014 is the perfect place to consider the potential of eastern markets as well as the chances which they give to Polish investors and developers. During a planned conference, moderators will bring closer the specification of markets of such countries as Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan with regard to planned infrastructural investments, problems related to financing of investments in the East, the issue of insurance, cultural conditionings and logistical challenges. During case studies, interested will be able to become acquainted with current actions of Polish entrepreneurs in countries of the former USSR.


Pro eco


What is the meaning of a green construction to economy? Is it worth to invest in energy-saving projects? How does an energy-saving construction market form in Poland? Does it have an influence on the condition’s improvement of a Polish economy? What support do the investors of ecological structures may receive? Guests will answer such and other questions during the second day of the exhibition at conference dedicated to a sustainable construction in Poland. The role of speakers will be intended for i.a.: chairman of Polish Economic Congress Foundation – Waldermar Pawlak, minister and chairman of Local Self-government and Regional Development Commission – Piotr Zgorzelski, president of Employers of Poland – Andrzej Malinowski and assistant manager of Climate Protection Department and representative of National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management – Małgorzata Kijowska.


The conference will end with a debate, in which representatives of the parliament of Poland, public administration, trade organizations, entrepreneurs and experts.


Investor in the EU and on the native market


The conference titled “How to compete on the global market? – experience of Polish companies”, organized by “Think about future” Foundation will be held on 20th September. In the debate will took part representatives of Polish companies which succeeded on the international market. Participants will ponder on the fact how Polish entrepreneur may cope with defeat of the western competition.


During the exhibition, there will be also meetings concerning investment possibilities in Polish construction, market value of structures and factors which determine it. Moreover, investors will be able to use consultative points envisaged during the event. These attractions were organized in cooperation with Mazovia Development Agency S.A.


Besides economic and constructional subjects, issues concerning architecture, urban planning and interior design will be also raised.


Admission to the exhibition is free! The only condition is an earlier registration:

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