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Building of the II stage of Alchemia
The II stage will offer nearly 21 000 sq. m of office space
Advanced works are being continued on the construction site of the II stage of Danzig multifunctional Alchemia.

The building of the II stage of Alechmia complex started in December last year. At the moment, another third tier of 4-storey common area is being built. Similarly to the first stage of the investment, office towers entitled Ferrum and Titanium will be situated on it. At the same time, finishing and installation works are being continued in the garage part. With the beginning of November, works on elevation will start and last till May of the following year – explains Marcin Frozyna of Torus company, chairman of the Alechmia construction.

The achievement of a shell building state is planned on the end of January. The commission, in turn, should come in the IV quarter of 2015.

Crossroads for better communication

Simultaneously to realization of the complex, works on the building of a crossroads at Grunwaldzka Avenue, next to University of Gdańsk, and the second stage of Alechmia, are being continued. The investment is divided into two stages. The first one, consisting in realization of works within Grunwaldzka Avenue, will last till the end of September. Right-hand to the turn on Alchemia area for those who are divining in Sopot direction, and also left-hand for driving in Danzig center direction will be created within its framework. Moreover, bus bays on both sides together with stops and pedestrian crossings marked by traffic lights are also in plans. Realization of the investment’s second stage should start in the II quarter of 2015. Within ca. 2 months, pedestrian elements, cycle tracks, direct entrance to the area of Alchemia as well as service roads will be built. Furthermore, the crossroads’ start-up will take place then. The investment is fully financed by Torus company.

The building of Alchemia started at the end of 2011. Within the investment’s first stage, two office towers – 8-tier Aurum and 6-tier Platinum – were built. They were connected by a common base and delivered over 16 700 sq. m of office space. There are also a public recreational and sports center, which occupies nearly 4600 sq. m of space, and Bazar Smaków restaurant, which offers courses of four world cuisines, in the complex.

The second stage of the complex is supposed to refer architectonically to the first one and offer nearly 21 000 sq. m of office space and over 2600 sq. m of accompanying space, within which a medical center, kindergarten with its own greenstone, and commercial-service part will be built. Both structures are certified in the LEED system.

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