Poland among the European private equity leaders

Half of the private equity investments in the Central and Eastern Europe falls to Poland.

Within last 10 years, the highest rates of return all over the world, not only in a region, were achieved in the area of the Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, the main part of which is Poland. It is very good information, especially for those who look for a bailout within the private equality funds, which collect means. It is actually something that distinguishes us against the whole world – thinks lawyer Michał Karwacki, Squire Patton Boggs Office.

Merely 50 per cent of means intended for financing of private companies, which have not been recorded on the stock exchange in the Central and Eastern Europe yet, fall to Poland. It is mainly a merit of Polish political and economic stability, high GDP growth rate, large internal market and financing system. The capital omits the Eurozone, including Russia and Ukraine which recently have been able to compete with innovative enterprises from our country. However negative it may sound, the Ukrainian-Russian conflict helps us in some way, when it comes to embrace of investments and bailout of private equity entities – comments Karwacki.

It is possible that the further development of nonpublic capital markets will affect the improvement of a public market in the future. Partnerships, developed thanks to the European Parliament and venture capital, may enter on the Warsaw Stock Exchange with time. Accordingly, good news is the fact that the quickest increase in 2013 was in the segment of the venture capital. Frequently, it is an investment in the very early stage of a partnership’s development, which gives a very strong possibility of returning on equity. We should also remember that there is a quite developed and mature market of venture capital entities in Poland, which functions and has competition. It is not one but few entities which are specialized in such investments – points out Michał Karwacki.

On the nonpublic capital market dominate IT industry, telecommunication and health care. MCI Management, Intercapital and 3TS, in turn, belong to leaders of the venture capital in Poland.

Although Poland is one of the European leaders in respect of the private equity’s size, this market does not translate into development of the nonpublic capital market – contrary to all appearances, the private equity constitutes only 0,1 per cent of share in GDP, while it totals 0,3 per cent in Western Europe.

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