Ursus city in Warsaw

Ursus Smart City, pic by Celtic
Ursus Smart City, pic by Celtic
Land development plan of brownfields in Warsaw Ursus envisages realization of an enormous investment of Celtic Property Development company, which is going to develop 740 000 sq. m and build Ursus Smart City.

Within investment which is being built from the scratch, new housing estates, kindergartens, schools (including i.a. university with campus), shops, medical centers, leisure complexes, and even churches are going to arise. As a target, over 30 000 people will be able to live in a modern town and hundreds of new workplaces will be waiting for them.

Smart City conception will be realizing in accordance with modern construction and ecology solutions. The investment’s area will be thoroughly examined in terms of ecology. Moreover, ecological energetic systems, which use elements of renewable energy, including photovoltaics panels, will be also introduced.

Ursus Smart City is supposed to be an area which favors development of an innovative entrepreneurship. The investor supposes a realization of projects’ incubator, creation of data transmission system, which enables the beginning of an individual business project or creating office space and area intended for people performing telecommuting at home. We desire that as much as possible services, which are being performed to the needs of a district’s residents, will be delivered by companies working and located on the district’s area. We believe that this rule will have a positive impact on a business stimulation as well as on a quality of services and creation of society which identifies itself with a local business – we may read on pokochajursus.pl website.

Among 120 ha, which are planned for a town’s building, 63 per cent of space will be intended for dwelling houses, 18 per cent for office centers, 10 per cent for a commercial activity and 9 per cent for civil and cultural functions.

The investment’s first stage envisages a development of 88 890 sq. m of space, on which 101 964 sq. m of residential and service area will be built. The building will start with areas directly located by Urząd Dzielnicy Ursus at the crossroads of Hannela and Dyrekcyjna Streets.

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