Office promises of the candidate for the president of Opole

Daszyński Square in Opole, pic by Daviidos, © Source:, license: [CC-BY-SA 3.0 Deed]
Daszyński Square in Opole, pic by Daviidos, © Source:, license: [CC-BY-SA 3.0 Deed]
The up for sales building, in which there was a school once, did not arouse a great interest among investors. Therefore, the candidate for the president of Opole came up with an idea to create an office for the beginning entrepreneurs.

In the building located at Daszyński Square in Opole there was Tadeusz Jarmuziewicz primary school no 1 for years. The candidate of Platforma Obywatelska for the president of Opole believes that one-man companies which enter the market should rent offices in the structure on preferential conditions.


According to Tadeusz Jarmuziewicz, the lack of interest concerning the purchase of the building was caused by an insufficient number of parking places and control of a preservationist. – If I assume the office of a president, so called start-ups will be located in this building, that is the first headquarters of one-man companies – promises the candidate. At the back, there is a playground which may be converted into a car park and make an approach road.


The beginning entrepreneurs will be able to rent offices on preferential conditions. In the first year of a company’s activity, the price for one square meter will total only 1 zloty. In another years tenants would have to pay much more. Tadeusz Jarmuziewicz ensures that there will be all media connected to the structure and rooms will be equipped in such a way that entrepreneurs would not to have to have any additional burdens.


Will the office for start-ups turn out to be a good idea to keep young people in Opole? And there is also the one important issue – who would finance the idea of Tadeusz Jarmuziewicz if he assume the office of the president of the city?

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