Dismissal, employment and new Allegro office

Allegro is changing its organization and way of functioning. It is also announcing the opening of a new office in Poland – this time in Cracow.

Allegro Group declared some changes, the aim of which is to improve the business management. For this purpose, some partnership’s areas such as marketing, customer service, IT, finance and accounting will be reorganized in a way to concentrate on crucial tasks and support certain segments of the Group.


The reorganization is necessary for us to start thinking about the future success. We would like to have a possibility of an effective development of products and services which are expected by our clients to provide in a dynamically changing mobile world. Within closing 14 years, the ability of a constant development and adaptation of our business helped us to sit Allegro on the position of the e-commerce leader in Poland. Our future success depends on the transformation in a more flexible and client-oriented company – comments Przemysław Budkowski, who manages transaction Allegro services in the Central and Western Europe.


The Group is going to hire several dozen new software engineers who will primarily deal with development of products and mobile services. At the same time, the changes will cause dismissal of ca. 90 people. They will be transferred to companies which provide services for Allegro within outsourcing of another 80. Moreover, nearly 70 employees in central support teams will be now in business segments. However, the partnership declares that all employees who will experience mentioned changes will obtain – as we may read in the official communicate – “non-standard support in the process of looking for new employment”.


Changes, which we are announcing today, are crucial for the future success of Allegro. They present our long-termed engagement in Poland. At the same time, I am aware of the fact that the planned realization of employment may cause concerns because unfortunately we will have to say goodbye to some collaborators. Nevertheless, we should remember that employees are the ones who constitute the most valuable capital of our company. Therefore, due to the fact that we are not able to offer a job to all employees in a new organizational structure, we will provide the rest of the people the assistance and support in finding new employment. Personally, it is very essential to me – assures Przemysław Budkowski.


Moreover, the important change in Allegro is the decision about opening the fifth Polish office in Cracow – foregoing ones have been already functioning in Poznan, Warsaw, Torun and Wroclaw.


Allegro functions on the commercial platform market as Allegro.pl operator in Poland, Aukro.ua in Ukraine, Aukro.cz in Czech Republic and Molotok.ru in Russia. The Group also consists of PayU.pl in the area of payment services, advertisement services such as OLX.pl, otoMoto.pl or otoDom.pl, Ceneo.pl comparison shopping website, and Fashiondays.pl as well as Agito.pl which are shopping clubs. Additionally, within the Group they are also i.a. Wykop.pl popular social network, Bankier.pl financial service, and GG.

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