Cracow plans on a new district

What next for Leg (Łęg)?

Leg’s wastelands were to be completely transformed. The first step towards this was preparation of a land utilisation plan. One of the most vital assumption was the creation of a new district bringing together the residential and commercial functions – office buildings.

A complex of blocks of flats and office buildings was planned to be built in the area to the north from the power plant. In addition, Centrum Obsługi Inwestora is going to be constructed there.

The maximum height of office buildings that is allowed by the plan is 18 metres and the roofs have to be flat. There is also planned construction of a new road connecting Nowohucka St with Jana Pawla II Ave, near tobacco facilities. The plan includes protection of green areas - allotment gardens and Lasek Legowskiego. The deadline for submitting objections regarding the design’s project is 27 May 2011. 

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