Will a new office building arise in Cracow?

Pokoju 1a Avenue – visualization
A planned building will adjoin K1 and Pokoju 5 Avenue offices
An office and warehouse or warehouse and hotel building may arise on the plot located at Pokoju 1a Avenue. Its total usable area will amount up to 24 000 sq. m.

Currently, there is an office and warehouse building on the plot with 4043 sq. m, which adjoins K1 skyscraper (so called Błękitek) and Pokoju 5 Avenue which is being realized by Buma Group. Its total usable area amounts 2227 sq. m and it is owned by LOBOS Group.


The present owner presents a description of Development Conditions, according to which on the plot located in place of a demolished structure a building class A with underground garages, designed for office and warehouse as well as warehouse and hotel aims, may arise. The office development’s conception was designed as a structure of open areas which may be arranged in accordance with requirements of future tenants – in the form of space intended for an individual, team, recreational or representative work.


The total usable area of the building may amount 24 012,9 sq. m divided into 10 aboveground and 2 underground tiers. Moreover, the design envisages a bicycle car park with changing rooms for employees, commercial-service areas on the ground floor and more than 1800 workplaces (in case of the office’s building) or 414 hotel rooms if the investor decides to realize the hotel.


The present owner of the property is looking for a buyer for the plot or a co-investor.

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