Polish architects emigrate abroad

According to data of Krajowa Izba Atchitektów, only 30 per cent of architects in Poland work in their profession. Better perspectives gives emigration.

The accession of Poland to the European Union contributed to the increase of architects’ emigration. Currently, the number of them totals ca. 12 thousand, and those who left do not come back eagerly.


Polish companies more and more often take part in architectural competitions organized in another European Union countries. We are noticed there. Unfortunately, more architects left in search for work than foreign experts, who permanently work in Poland, came. There are ca. 400 people who came from another European Union countries and whose qualifications were found in an automatic system – says Borysław Czarakcziew, agent for foreign issues in Krajowa Rada Izby Architektów RP.


The flows of architects between countries of the European Union allow to harmonize demands which concern this type of occupation on the community level. The passed directive includes an architect to the group of regulated jobs in order to perform this occupation. Among them there are conditions related to education, practices, granted authorities, experience and membership in organization which recognizes qualifications of architects. A person who applies for the employment abroad should also submit a certificate about conformity of a diploma received in Polish university in accordance with conditions mentioned in the directive. It constitutes a base to acknowledge gained qualifications in all countries of the European Union.


We entered into half-a-million crowd of architects. We have education which guarantees that we will be able to practice our profession in other countries. In Poland it had a crucial meaning in the process of deregulation because it turned out that the harmonized demands are the basis for the extension of accessibility to the profession – explains expert in Krajowa Rada Izby Architektów RP.

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