Office with a leaseholder

New pilot project on the commercial property market. Murapol offers purchase of offices with a ten year lease guaranty.

Due to 10 years since establishing the copartnership, Murapol implements on commercial property market a new pilot offer. It concerns a purchase of usable offices with a lease warranty for 10 years from the property purchase.

Offer concerns chosen trade, service and office premises located in Bielsko-Biała, Tychy, Katowice and Wieliczka which spaces consists off 20 to 600sqm. As developer ensures, a return from such investment can be gained in 10 years. Guaranteed height of lease equals to 10% of the property value annually. Additionally, Murapol guarantees getting and negotiations with the leaseholders without additional wages as well as a full administrative service.

Novelty of the concept lies in this that until now it was said about lease warranty only in a context of investments in housing apartments or hotels (holidays).

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