Developers like sports emotions too

K.S. Developres Rzeszów - team sponsored by a developer from Rzeszów who is realizing SkyRes
Volleyball players from AZS University of Gdańsk sponsored by TORUS
Sports sponsorship is a highly efficient way for coming into existence in the society's awareness. It is not surprising then that more and more companies as well as commercial developers are striving for their logo to appear on sport t-shirts worn by competitors of various disciplines.

Only 9 minutes – it was enough for Robert Lewandowski and Bayern Munich to be on the whole world’s lips. The picture of the Bayern's star with a palm showing the number of goals netted during the match with Wolfsburg quickly ran round the whole world and appeared on the covers of the most important press titles. Except for the footballer who did the impossible, there is also a logo of a sponsor. It is the recent example showing that sports sponsorship is a really effective form of advertisement. In so far as it is associated extremely positive.


It may seem that this form of advertisement is perfect only for enterprises selling services to the broad bunch of receivers, because it exactly reaches this kind of bunch. Nothing more deceptive. The sponsorship is also a perfect method of building a positive image of a certain company which often signs itself into activities from the area of business social responsibility.   


Sports sponsorship may have a different form, however, most frequently it is related to financial support. This support may be provided to, for instance, organizer of a sport event, or to a concrete team as well as individual competitor.


Developers also support sport


Developer companies more and more frequently join the activities related to sponsorship. One of the best examples is TORUS which is responsible for e.g. realization of Alchemia in Tricity. Sport or healthy lifestyle are elements of the identity in our company. It is noticeable in both individual activities, internal initiatives and investments which are realized by our company. The integral part of the first stage of Alchemia is the largest public recreation and sport zone in Tricity (over 4500 sq. m) with swimming pools, saunas, fitness club, cardio and spinning room, sport hall and climbing zone. Thus, we created modern infrastructure and everyone may benefit from physical activity on many fields and levels. As employees of Torus, we also benefit from it – says Monika Brzozowska, Senior Manager – Head of Marketing & PR, Torus.  


TORUS granted financial support to e.g. Bartosz Banach or Paweł Miziarski. Additionally, the enterprise regularly supports the academic volleyball teams of the University of Gdańsk – teams of the biggest university in the Pomeranian Voivodship may organize regular trainings in the sport hall located in Alchemia. Moreover, matches of the intercollegiate volleyball league are organized there.  


Furthermore, the first edition of the TORUS TRATHLON IN DA HOUSE competition, the main organizer of which is TORUS company, was held this year. It is the first such event in the country, which is organized under the roof – in the sport and recreation part of Alchemia. The first edition of this event was held in January this year and the second one is planned on 2016. It is worth mentioning that these competitions are organized in cooperation with Iwona Guzowska who is the chairman of the event and also a competitor who is supported by TORUS during her participation in triathlon competitions. Under the name Torus Triathlon Team, we created a group of people who want to develop themselves in this discipline. They are led by an experienced competitor – trainer Tadeusz Czepukojć. We will patron him in his individual project. He is going to finish 5 competitions on the distance of the full Ironman on 3 continents in the following year – says Monika Brzozowska, Senior Manager – Head of Marketing & PR, TORUS.


At the opposite extreme of Poland – in the Podkarpacie Voivodship – Developres is actively functioning in the area of sports sponsorship. The investor owns e.g. SkyRes office in Rzeszów in its portfolio. The enterprise is a sponsor of the Klub Sportowy Developers Rzeszów volleyball team which is present in the Orlen League. Except for regular support of volleyball, Developres Sp. z o.o. is engaged in development of riding. It is financing „Leśna Wola” Riding Club from Głogów Małopolski. Its competitors participate in country as well as foreign competitions.


The sport patron is also an all-Polish developer company Murapol. Although the company is known from its residential investments, its offer also includes commercial premises: e.g. exclusive office at Partyzantów Street in Bielsko-Biała or Equal Business Park in Cracow. In the area of sports sponsorship, the company decided to support one of the most recognizable and likeable sports discipline, that is football. Murapol SA is a major sponsor of the Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała team, which plays in the highest class of football games in Poland. 


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