Poland attractive in the region

The Polish market is still attractive and prospective for foreign investors. However, some changes in a tax system and simplification of bureaucracy are needed.

Our prognoses of economic growth this year and in next two years oscillate around 3 per cent. In comparison with the situation in the European Union countries, certainly it is a very good result – says Piotr Kowalski, chairman of the board in Fitch Poland ratings agency. – However, we should remember that there are some things which we may be done in the country in order to quicken this growth. I am thinking about improvement of conditions concerning running a business in Poland.


As examples of such activities, Piotr Kowalski enumerates a tax system reform and simplification of bureaucracy, thanks to which Poland would achieve a forecasted growth pace in spite of a worsening situation in countries in the Western Europe and also in the East. Both directions are main trade markets for Polish export.


The GDP growth should be stimulated by foreign investors who consider Poland as an attractive market. In comparison with other countries in the region, we have a very large domestic market which is still receptive. If we compare Poland in respect of affluence with the UE average, we are still behind thus this fact is a quite attractive argument for companies which consider locating their business on the Vistula river. We should assume that the society in Poland will be enriching – judges Kowalski.


The Polish economy is more sustained than in case of other countries in the region. Therefore, we should not be threatened by any crises. We are depended on export because foreign sales and internal consumption maintain on the similar level which guarantees a relative stability.

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