Budget for start-ups

pic by foter.com
pic by foter.com
In the nearest years, the arising technological start-ups in Poland may count on big financial and organizational support. The amount of money which PARP and other institutions are going to assign to this aim is currently being negotiated in Brussels.

There will be a lot of money for start-ups – ensures Bożena Lublińska-Kasprzak, chairman in Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. – They will be in different programs and on different levels: regional, supra-regional, for instance within the East Poland program or on the central level within the Intelligent Development program. There will be a lot of money mainly for start-ups from modern technology industries in it which start from research and development activity, the results of which they want to implement.


The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development is going to support start-ups not only financially but also organizationally. Except for the money, the administrational support is also needed: promotion and integration of environment, organization of meetings. All those things have an impact on the fact that start-ups arise, develop, gain home and global markets – points out Bożena Lublińska-Kasprzak. – We support start-ups in a different way, with the help of various instruments. Starting with activities of an instructional and education character, through a portal specially created for a start-up and e-business environment as well as educational portals, ending with different financing: loans, grants, support of angel investors or incubators which invest in start-ups – adds.


The support of young entrepreneurs may turn out to be a good investment which increases the development of Polish economy. Many international giants started in a similar way – from a garage company created around an interesting idea proposed by a group of enthusiasts. I deeply believe in it – says chairman in PARP. Certainly some people work on a new Skype, Google or other global project but so far we do not know about it, however it will turn out in few years. I think that we have quite a lot of such companies which manage on many global markets.


The beginner companies were unaided in the past. Today, investors look for innovative solutions delivered by start-ups by themselves. ICT Summit, organized by PARP on 3th and 4th December, will be aimed at the presentation of the potential of Polish ICT industry to investors from around the world.



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