Demolition will start soon

Demolition of lower elements of "szkieletor's" construction will start in December.

Demolition of lower elements of Cracow's construction of "szkieletor" will start in December. Works will be done by GD&K company, co-owner of the building. Works will end in about 5-6 months.

According to plans of investors, works connected with elevating construction from 92 metres to 102.5 metres will be done after planed demolition. GD&K company is planing to submit an application for building permit, so as to start work in holidays 2012. However, investor has to wait on a verdict of Provincial Administrative Court concerning a decision on land development allowing execution of it, which has been complained by Environmental Care Association. In case of overruling the decision on land development by the court, investment can be held temporarily.

Building of the structure will last 16 months. Costs of the investment will amount to about EUR 100 million. After the execution of enterprise, "szkieletor" as a complex TreiMorfa will offer luxurious apartments, A class offices, exhibition space and exclusive restaurants.

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