Companies bet on mobility

In Polish companies, the demand for mobile technologies is still increasing. It will allow entrepreneurs to save time, reduce location limitations and increase effectiveness of work.

The usage of smartphones is a way to enhance the effectiveness of functioning of many companies. Thanks to mobile technologies, companies have an access to internal resources from different places which enables mobile employees to manage the information more efficiently, and reach clients who are in different parts of the country or even the world. Mobile technologies decrease geographical and location limitations and also quicken the effectiveness of a company’s work – believes Marcin Reichman from Microsoft Devices.


The saving of time translates into the saving of money and optimization of business activities. For instance, Chief Financial Officer who has an access to all company’s resources thanks to a cloud is able to verify data faster and easier; selling agents and sales teams who use mobile devices in work have a full access to the newest product information or updated price lists. It enables them to respond quickly to market changes or adjust an offer to them.


Over the recent years, traditional cell phones have been successively replaced by smartphones. The number of people who use e-mail, calendar or software connected with the possibility of managing certain tasks of an employee is still increasing.


The demand for mobile devices is increasing really fast. First and foremost, it is related to the development of a cloud technology, a widely understood mobility and mobile applications. Companies more often bet on mobility of their employees which results in the fact that more and more smartphones are provided to business clients – comments Reichman.


The software market reacts really quickly to occurring changes in the society. It delivers more new devices, including specialized applications allowing to manage clients. Furthermore, smartphones enable the access to such office tools as text editors or spreadsheets.


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