Elegant office instead of Skeletor within three years?

Treimorfa in place of present Skeletor
Treimorfa after reconstruction
GD&K Group partnership received a permission for work commencement, as a part of which there will be a complex of modern offices in place of present Skeletor. If possible, the structure will be commissioned in 2018.

The value of the investment totals 100 million euro. Additional financial burdens for investors were imposed by the City Hall – these include a number of different charges related to delay of reconstruction commencement and liabilities which rest on the building since it has resided in the previous owner – Węglozbyt company. The present investor – GD&K Group is planning to renew the negotiations with the city, which were ceased by municipal elections.


The works on Treimorfy construction site (present name of the investment) are starting in few months. At present, the owners are looking for a general contractor. According to the conception, four lower buildings will arise at the present skyscraper. Moreover, there will be a public square. The area of the structure will be intended mainly for office space, although the investor also envisages a hotel section.


GD&K Group purchased Skeletor in 2005. Since then, the company has been trying to receive a permission for reconstruction of the building. The proposed conceptions were protested many times.


The structure is located at Lubomirski Street and Col. Belina-Prażmowski Avenue in Cracow. Initially, it was supposed to be an office of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations. Its building started in 1975 and it was ceased four years later due to the lack of money. Since then, the reinforced concrete construction has been remained without secured elevation and now it is only a place where banner ads are displayed.

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