A step towards the reconstruction of the Skeletor

Visualization of the Skeletor after reconstruction
Visualization of the Skeletor after reconstruction
Thanks to the decision of the Minister of Infrastructure and Development, the reconstruction of the Skeletor in Kraków may start this year.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Development gave permission for the Architecture Department to issue building permit, and at the same time make some departures from the technical and construction legal regulations concerned with fire protection. If the investor is issued the building permit, it will seem more and more probable that the construction works begin this year. In this case, the reconstruction would end in 2016, for the World Youth Day, and Kraków would gain a presentable skyscraper - TreiMorfa Tower.


Previous attempts to rebuild the Skeletor, made in the so called WZ-mode, were not a success. The decisions of the city government were challenged, and it made the issuance of the building permit impossible. The city government chose another way, making use of the local plan. The development for the “Lubomirskiego-Beliny Prażmowskiego” area was adopted. The plan assumes the possibility of making superstructure to the skyscraper, 102.5 m high, that is more than the Voivodeship Conservator of Monuments agreed to. Next to the Skeletor, smaller buildings can be built, up to 40 metres.


The current owner of the Skeletor in Kraków is the Treimorfa company, in which Eurozone Fund, represented by Verity Development and GD&K Group have shares. Architects from the DDJM studio are the authors of the reconstruction design.

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