BorgWarner was given LEED Silver

The first laureate of a multicriterial certificate for sustainable building

Acquisition of LEED Silver certificate by a manufacture and office building BorgWarner, Rzeszow was announced during meeting of Polskie Stowarzyszenie Budownictwa Ekologicznego Green Building Night (Polish Green Building council, Green Building Night). The building is the first laureate of the multicriterial certificate for sustainable building. The construction in Rzeszow is very energy-efficient because it exceeds the U.S. standards ASHRAE 90.1-2004 – said Agnes Vorbrodt-Shurma, LEED AP.

The American multi-criteria rating system is focused in a large degree on numerous elements of sustainable building. The optimal choice of materials during erection of BrogWarner allowed for acquisition of the best possible work conditions, especially when the indoor air is taken into consideration.

The use of water-efficient armature and proper placing of greenery in building and its vicinity allowed for economisation of nearly 30-35 per cent of water. More than 8- per cent of construction wastes, such as concrete, metal, cardboard and wood were recycled. The raw-materials collection program used for this building allows for further use of recycling. The optimal layout of windows granted access to daylight in almost every workplace. Many innovative programmes were used in the building and its surroundings, among others: Green Cleaning (ecological cleaning). The so-called heat island effect was limited (a local heating) and stormwater runoff (excessive outflow of precipitation water)

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