Poles earn extra money on their hobbies

10 per cent of Poles gain extra income to salaries thanks to their hobbies. Moreover, another 60 per cent of employees would like to do the same.

60 per cent of Poles declare that they would like to earn on the realization of their passions. According to our survey, in which 18 thousand respondents from the whole Europe and ca. 1 thousand people from Poland took part, the income is revolving around the level of 8 thousand zlotys annually depending on industry in which the Poles would like to earn – explains Adrian Kurowski, chairman in Visa Europe in Poland, which ordered to conduct „Everyone in Business” research.


The Poles earn the highest sum of money on performing construction-repair services (12 thousand zlotys annually). Designers and producers of jewelry are on the second place (respectively: 11 and 10 thousand zlotys annually) and they are followed by teachers and people who look after children (ca. 9 thousand zlotys). 


In Poland, 10 per cent of people earn on their hobbies and 77 per cent of Poles would like to intend their additional income for permanent activity (with the EU average of 72 per cent). Before the implementation of plans, most of the respondents are very often hindered by the fear of risk – the Poles do not know if there is a place for their business on the market and they are afraid of small number of commissions. Moreover, they do not know different payment services than non-cash ones. 


The great majority of entrepreneurs start in so called e-commerce, that is promoting their activities in the Internet. They want to have a possibility of selling their goods or services in a more effectively way. Visa Europe supports this trend by the acceptation of payment cards in online environment – points out Kurowski.  

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