Ballestrem Palace with a new elevation

Ballestrem Palace, pic Tomasz Walków, source:
Ballestrem Palace, pic Tomasz Walków, source:
After ten months of work, a renewed elevation of the 19th century Bellestrem Palace at Włodkowica Street has been disclosed.

The walls, which were grey before the renovation, improved in colors. They have a sandy taint, their decorations are reconstructed and fragments which were coming off the plaster are secured. At the moment, the repair works are nearing the end – both inside and outside the building. Moreover, the installation of ventilation is being conducted. We are also clearing up the garden – says Marek Miśniakiewicz, commercial proxy in LOOK Investment Financing.


In the cellar of the historic building there will be also a music club, whereas on the ground floor there will be a restaurant with the entrance to garden. Furthermore, the higher tiers will be intended for offices, including legal and notarial ones.


Currently, the negotiations with potential purchasers are being conducted. However, I do not want to reveal any details before the signing of a contract. It will be an interesting place for entrepreneurs and inhabitants of Wrocław after the renovation. We want to install a characteristic element in the garden, something like a sculpture. It will be noticeable soon – says Marek Miśniakiewicz.


The renovation which is being conducted under supervision of Civic Preservationist should end in the half of July. Maćków Design Studio is responsible for the design.


Wrocław borough sold Ballestrem Palace for 8,25 million zlotys in July 2012 to LOOK Investment Financing SA partnership. The property, which is located on 20-are plot, has ca. 1500 sq. m of usable area.

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