Ericpol Software Pool office was opened

Authors of the Constitution of May 3 - one of the murals in Ericpol Software Pool office, pic Dariusz Adler
Juliusz Kunitzer, entrepreneur from Łódź, pic Dariusz Adler
Ericpol company opened its new registered office in Łódź – a 4-tier Ericpol Software Pool office.

The works on the realization of a new center for software development were lasting 18 months and finished in accordance with an initial schedule. The cost of the investment reached over 62 billion zlotys. Moreover, the total area of the building amounts to over 12 000 sq. m and 800 people will be working on it. The building class A received a name which commemorates a former Olimpia swimming pool. 


The structure is characterized by a solid designed on the plan of X letter. It is composed of two winds combined with a glazed lobby which is distinguished by an elevation decorated with almost 60 thousand of bricks manually formed in a Danish manufactory. 


The great part of the interiors is completed with an architectural concrete. In the structure, there are premises of an open space type, conference halls and social rooms. The building is decorated with murals in a street art style presenting pioneers of science, culture and sport who contributed to changes in the way of thinking and interpersonal communication. For instance, on the floor which symbolizes a simplicity there are i.a. Tadeusz Peiper and Claude Shannon. All graphics were made by four students and graduates from Art School in Łódź: Natalia Grabowska, Bolesław Godziński, Marcin Wilkoszewski and Maciej Bielewicz. 


In the building there are no suspended ceilings and traditional air-conditioning in favor of TABS thermal ceiling systems. The registered office was built in accordance with rules of a sustained development. In order to decrease the consumption of energy by air-conditioning, panes with a low carbon energy were used on very sunny elevations. 


The festive opening of the building was held on 27th January. One of the points of the program was a debate titled „Nowy Złożony Świat: rola nauki w technologiach przyszłości”, in which took part such guests as i.a. Mikael Anneroth from Ericson company, dr Sergey Chekhmenok from company and GameStream, dr Dan Petersen – a laureate of the 6th edition of Banach Prize competition and assistant professor at Copenhagen University, professor Piotr Durka from Warsaw University and professor Harald Kjellin from Ericpol AB. 


Ericpol Sp. z o.o. is an engineering firm which has been functioning on the international market, that is ICT. The partnership provides outsourcing and consulting services, delivers solutions dedicated to the areas of telecommunication, M2M communication (machine to machine), IoT (Internet of Things), applications for medical, finance and banking sectors and solutions for business. The enterprise owns 4 offices in Poland and three dependent partnerships in Belarus, Ukraine and Sweden which build together Ericpol group hiring over 2000 employees.

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