Loft mini-offices in Nowa Papiernia

Office in Nowa Papiernia - visualization
Nowa Papiernia housing estate - visualization
There is a possibility in Wrocław to buy not only modern apartments in a loft style but also quite small office locals located in Nowa Papiernia housing estate.

Office and service locals in Nowa Papiernia are being realized with a respect of original character of industrial buildings. The interiors were completely renovated, high arched ceilings were renewed and historic brick is shining with the old-time beauty. If necessary, we offer some help in finishing locals to the needs of a conducted activity – says Ewa Piechora, marketing manager in Nowa Papiernia. – We can feel here an original and industrial atmosphere. The owner of the local may count on an unique aura of this place, and therefore – one of a kind office or workshop. It is all in vain to look for a similar investment in Poland. 


Nowa Papiernia offers only four service and commercial locals with the total area of 319 sq. m. All are intended for sales. Interestingly, there will be also a lawyer's office on the ground floor of the neighboring building (A), which was initially intended for a residential loft, and it will be arranged in a loft character. My business is specific because our clients pay attention to professionalism and also a place where they are received is equally important – says Justyna Michalak-Królicka, lawyer who runs JMK Kancelaria Adwokacka. – People have to put their trust in a lawyer. Therefore, we wanted to create a friendly area.


Mini-housing estate is being realized in two revitalized building (larger A and smaller B) in Przedmieście Oławskie at Pułaski and Kościuszki Streets, in which a paper mill from the end of 19th century has been functioning and after the war – Wrocławskie Zakłady Wyrobów Papierowych, which produces notebooks as well as notebooks intended for notes with characteristic and recognizable covers. The service locals, which are located on the ground floor, are characterized by big display cabinets and they also have independent entrances adjusted to disabled. They are distinguished by the 19th century architecture – the height of the rooms reaches 4 meters and thick walls provide good thermal and acoustic isolation. Moreover, there are tenant box rooms under the building which may be adapted for warehouses or archives.


The locals provide comfort and functionality. A legal or architectural office as well as dentist's surgery or beauty salon will perfectly find themselves there – says Ewa Piechota. – Furthermore, similar businesses function in the neighborhood and Przedmieście Oławskie, which is being renovated now, will certainly attract another inhabitants and entrepreneurs. 

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