An office building in a historical kamienica

A historic kamienica in Praga, Warsaw will undergo revitalisation and will have added a superstructure.

PBM Południe Development is implementing an investment, which will result in a residential and commercial complex located among Kijowska, Wieczorkiewicza, Brzeska and Markowska Streets. The project consists of two stages.

The first stage is going to include a thorough revitalisation and adding a superstructure to a historic kamienica (a Polish equivalent of tenement house) from 1873 located Kijowska 4, Praga. There will be an adjacent 6-storey office building with a total area of 5 000 sq. m. Tenants and guests will have at their disposal a reception and service rooms located which will be located on the ground floor as well as an underground two stores car park as well as eating-places on the level -1. An unusual architectural solution will be the feature, which will distinguish this investment – a 4-storey overhang will be located above the street.

A residential building with a service section will be erected as a part of the second stage. However, the investor does not exclude the change of the residential into a commercial function. Then office and hotel spaces would be created in the building.

All the buildings create a cohesive and harmonious entirety. What is more, they will be adapted for needs of people with disabilities.

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