Masovia aims at attracting investors

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Masovia generates over 20 per cent of Polish GDP, 740 000 companies function on its area and it focuses a scientific and research potential. According to the Regional Operational Program, it will receive 2,1 billion euro in a new EU perspective. However, Masovia still needs investors.

We have 740 000 registered companies, over 20 000 of which have a foreign capital. We are also a banking, insurance and innovation center because 33 per cent of Polish scientific and research potential are located in Masovia – enumerates Adam Struzik, Marshal of Masovian Voivodeship.


In order to attract new investors, the authorities in the region are preparing spatial development plans around the airport in Modlin, thanks to which the tourism should develop. Moreover, the extension of a railway line in the neighborhood is envisaged as well as development of Przasnyska Economic Zone and the second zone in Chorzele. It is an interesting place with several hundred hectares prepared for big investments intended for large, small and medium companies. The other areas are Garwolińska Economic Zone – 60 ha to be used for purposes of investments and surroundings of Teresin, that is Warsaw-Western subregion which includes Sohaczew County. These are areas on which many companies, especially logistic ones, begin their activity – points out Adam Struzik.


The Płock Industrial and Technological Park should also attract investors to Masovia. It is located near Orlen concern and it is a place where modern business services as well as innovation activity are being developed. The industrial, technological, scientific and research park functions on the area of 200 ha. Moreover, the Corporate Services Center opened in October last year and the Central Laboratory (one may benefit from 180 laboratory places by the end of this year) are supposed to enable conducting economic activity to companies from various industries. 


The Marshal of Masovian Voivodeship emphasizes that the support of small and medium companies is also crucial. It concerns an investment support and transfer of technologies from universities as well as scientific and research institutes to produce, and of course a support in computerization of those companies. The „Internet for Masovia” project, the realization of which is envisaged at the end of 2015, will provide all companies the access to a broadband Internet and it will be a qualitative change – ensures Struzik.   


According to the EU perspective for 2014-2020, the region may receive ca. 3,8 billion euro, 2,1 billion zlotys of which will come from the Regional Operational Program approved by the European Commission, whereas the beneficiaries from Masovia will be able to apply for ca. 1,7 billion euro (from structural EFS and EFRR funds) in national programs.


Moreover, start-ups may also count on support thanks to financing from initial funds or joint European funds with privates ones, for instance by the National Capital Fund. The Masovian Credit Guarantee Fund and the Masovian Regional Loan Fund also functions. Furthermore, our agencies help entrepreneurs – the Masovia Energy Agency and the Masovia Development Agency. We have many such tools and mechanisms – convinces the marshal.


Masovia produces 22 per cent of Polish GDP (Silesian Voivodeship, the second one, is responsible for 12,5 per cent). The recent research of the Central Statistical Office for the year 2013 presents that Masovia produces 366 billion zlotys from 1,660 billion zlotys which Poland produces in the form of GDP. According to rate from 2013, it is 120 billion dollars, that is double more than GDP in Lithuania – says Adam Struzik. 


The GDP in Masovia is the highest per inhabitant – 68,682 thousand zlotys (nearly 160 per cent of national average). It results in the fact that Masovia is a leader in Poland in respect of a number concerning functioning companies or scientific and research entities. 

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