New tenants of University Business Park

GTC, the developer, has entered into new lease contracts.

GTC, the developer, has entered into new lease contracts in University Business Park, Lodz. New tenants are going to move in in this year June. Among others, there are companies from IT, finance and pharmaceutical industrial sectors.

University Business Park is located between Kosciuszki St and Wolczanska Ave. The first building out of the two present in the complex, which was built in 2010, offers 18 500 sqm of class A office space and 300 garage places. The building is adapted to needs of large and small companies.

Among new tenants there are: Bankruptcy Management Solutions – an American firm, which provides software as well as support services for firms’ management for bankrupt firms; Tax Care, a company ccerating financial solutiosn for small and medium enterprises; Pharmena, a company developing and selling of pharmaceuticals and medical comseticsas well as research on new medicines used in, among others, treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Among firms, which rented space in University Business Park, are also: Intergraph Polska, Kredyt Bank, AEGON, Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Warta as well as Hermann Kirchner Polska.

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