Cracow Czyżyny with another office

Ellipsis office in Cracow - visualization
Ellipsis office will be realized at Jan Paweł II 74 Avenue on the edge of Park Lotników
The Ellipsis office has been on the drawing board for several years and Esco Development company is planning to realize this structure at Jan Paweł II Avenue. However, we are presenting today a completely changed design, the building of which will start this year!

Initially, Ellipsis was supposed to be a 22-meter high 6-tier building with nearly 3000 sq. m of rentable area. The commission of the investment was planned at the end of 2012, however, a new spatial development plan went into force in 2013 in Cracow and it induced the developer to suspend activities related to the building and change the architectural conception of the structure.


The current plan envisages a building of a much bigger office with nine aboveground and two underground tiers. It will offer 7000 sq. m of area GLA intended for office and service functions. At present, the works related to reengineering of the structure are coming to a close. The commencement of the building is planned on the second half of 2015 and its commission – in accordance with a schedule, that is in the second half of 2016. Ellipsis will be realized at Jan Paweł II 74 Avenue on the edge of green area in Park Lotników.


The investor of the office is Esco Development – a partnership which continues the activity of such companies like: Esco B.S.M. Kozek and Domicyl Nieruchomości. The owners of the enterprise have been closely connected with the market since 1989 as both co-founders of the Cracow intermediary real estate market and legal office which is specialized in the real estate market. However, their activity was extended by developer investments on the residential as well as office market in 1996.


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