A company owned by JLL buys Neo-Świat

Realization of Neo-Świat in Stratos Office Center
Realization of Neo-Świat in Stratos Office Center
Neo-Świat – a company which is engaged in designing, arrangement and finishing of interiors – was purchased by the Tétris partnership which is owned by the JLL Group.

Tétris is specialized in designing, arrangement and execution of interiors. It covers 16 countries from the EMEA region. The concluded contract – that is the takeover of the Neo-Świat company will allow the partnership to start activity in Poland and enhance their position on the global market.


Neo-Świat has been servicing office, commercial, warehouse, hotel and residential investments for 15 years. Thanks to the signed transaction, the company received broad access to clients’ base of the Tétris platform and thus it will be able to realize more construction projects. The concluded contract is consistent with the development strategy of the company and it is related to the needs of clients for services of designing and complex performance of interiors.


The company will be functioning under the name Tétris by Neo-Świat in the interim period and it will change it for Tétris in the future. The partnership will provide construction services from the area of planning and arranging of various interiors. We are convinced that this transaction will bring benefits to both sides – the combination of our knowledge and experience on the Polish market with international expertise of Tétris will allow to improve technical competences and develop the activity in Poland. Our clients will have an access from all over the world to the most modern tools, solutions, knowledge and design experience of Tétris. Thanks to the fusion with Tétris, we will be able to propose to our clients a fully complex and the highest quality service – comments Paweł Brodzik, Managining Director, Tétris by Neo-Świat.


Tétris and Neo-Świat share the same value system and the same model of running a business. Neo-Świat hires highly specialized architects, engineers, design managers and cost estimators. Thanks to the fusion of Tétris with Neo-Świat, we will be able to offer a complex service on each stage of the investment to the tenants – starting with analysis of demand, through developing a work environment strategy, ending with services of finishing the interiors for turnkey. Tétris by Neo-Świat will be also realizing modernization, construction and of course fit-out works for the structures’ owners – that is investment funds and developers. We notice an increasing demand for complex and advanced services from the area of planning and arranging the areas and we respond to it with the one and only offer on the Polish market – says Tomasz Trzósło, Managing Director, JLL Poland.


The team which includes 68 experts will have their registered office in a foregoing location at Puławska 597 Street in Warsaw. Paweł Brodzik and Rajmund Węgrzynek – the founders of Neo-Świat – will be at the head of Tétris by Neo-Świat.


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