Opening of Półwiejska 2

Półwiejska 2 in Poznań
Półwiejska 2 offers 2796 sq. m of high standard office area
The GN Group investor opened Półwiejska 2 last Friday on 22th May. At present, the commercial and office building is waiting for clients and tenants.

Półwiejska 2 offers 2796 sq. m of high standard office area. First and foremost, the rental offer is aimed at companies which want to combine a modern design with a prestigious location and incredible view outside the window. Moreover, the close proximity of offices and institutions is also a very important factor. The tenants of the structure will benefit from 600 sq. m of terraces and roofs with a view at the panorama of Poznań. Some events or original business meetings will be certainly organized there.


The investment of GN Group combines office and service functions. The commercial and service premises are located on -1, 0 and +1 tiers. Furthermore, each shop has an entrance directly from the street. Some of the premises have internal vertical communication. A car park with an entrance from Krysiewicza Street is located on the second and third floor. The office area class A is situated on 3-5 tiers – also with entrances from Krysiewicza Street.


There are numerous pro-ecological solutions applied in the whole building. A special installation enables storing of rainwater which is then used in sanitary systems and watering of greenery. The intelligent steering of the building allows to monitor the consumption of energy and its saving. Moreover, there are also stands for charging of electric cars and car park as well as showers were prepared for those who commute by bicycle. All these factors make that the new building is qualified to receive a green certificate.


The Półwiejska 2 structure is located in Poznań at the crossroads of Półwiejska and Krysiewicza Streets at municipal hub of Plac Wiosny Ludów in close proximity to tram and bus stops.


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