Budlex SA sells shares in Deptak Projekt P2

Półwiejska 2
Półwiejska 2
A daughter company of Budlex SA – Projekt P2 SPV – sold all shares (50 per cent) in Deptak Projekt P2, which is the investor of Półwiejska 2 in Poznań. The purchaser is Cymbeline.

A daughter company of Erbud – Budlex SA – sold all shares in Projekt P2 SPV that owns 50 per cent of shares in Półwiejska 2 in Poznań. The purchaser is Cymbeline. The transaction’s value amounted to almost 10.74 million euro. The sales contract does not include reservations about conditions or dates. Moreover, it also does not include any decisions about penalties fixed by the contract – as we may read in the announcement.


Półwiejska 2 is a building that performs office as well as commercial and service functions. It is located in the neighborhood of the Old City at the crossroads of Półwiejska and Krysiewicza Streets in Poznań. The original project of the structure was devised by a renowned RKW Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky studio. The building offers 2796 sq. m of a high standard office area. The commercial and service premises are located on the -1, 0 and +1 tiers, whereas all offices are situated on the +3, +4 and +5 tiers. The remaining area was intended for a car park (2nd and 3rd tier). Furthermore, pro-ecological solutions enabling optimization of electricity, heat and water consumption were applied in the structure. The investor of Półwiejska 2 is Deptak Projekt P2 and the shareholder of the partnership – apart from the company that sold its shares – is Confinance Properties Ltd.


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