Solar power melts steel like butter

Poland is perceived as the best place to finance development projects.

KMPG, a consulting firm, conducted a survey among the 50 largest banks of East-Central Europe. According to KMPG’s report “CEE Property Lending Barometr 2010” Poland is perceived as the best place for finance developer projects. It is confirmed by results of Property Finance Sentiment Index that show level of banks’ positive attitude towards finance projects in the real property market. Polish ratio amounts to 1.83 in 10-point scale (the lower the index is, the higher readiness of banks to finance projects is). For comparison the ratio for Baltic countries is 5.43 and Romania’s 7.50.

Banks in Croatia and Slovakia as well as in Baltic countries tend to concentrate on backing up industrial and logistics real properties. In Poland and Romania, the real properties that are most likely to acquire sources of financing are office properties. In Hungary and Bulgaria – housing.  The least preferred by banks is the hotel sector.

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