Loans for office buildings

There has been a breakthrough, from now good projects should not have problems with obtaining financing. However, banks’ requirements are still high.

According to “Rzeczpospolita” few months back obtaining a loan by a developer was incredibly difficult. Now, new possibilities are opening. Crediting will be available for companies that will have projects of their office buildings or shopping centres thoroughly prepared.  Money will be given to projects that will not be speculative in nature and will not be built for a market with a large excess of supply – says president of the board of BRE Bank Hipoteczny.

Refinance will also be possible, since banks are cautious and are afraid of problems that might be eventually inherited after another bank. For this reason, they prefer to refinance ne real properties projects.

Those applying for finance in order to buy already leased office building (preferably one that was already entirely rented) will also have easier, it is because bank will be guaranteed to receive instalments on time.

Potential borrowers are discouraged by still high margins, which, in 2008, amounted to little more than 1 per cent., and now oscillate within 2,5-3 per cent (additionally the WIBOR and EURIBOR indicators,  which are dependent on the currency that is chosen for the loan).

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