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O4 team
O4 zone
Olivia Business Center prepared a project called O4 – a special area dedicated to new small and medium enterprises which search for a creative place supporting their business development and foreign expansion.

The development project of O4 innovation prepared by Olivia Business Center was devised in order to support and develop innovative business – that is a difficult task which requires great knowledge and experience. O4 zone is located on the ground floor and on the first floor of the Olivia Four building. It is occupied by a conference center, co-working area and offices with a different size as well as social part.


The project implemented by OBC is based on offering attractive area and it supports all entrepreneurs in four categories:

  • Financing,
  • Internationalization,
  • „Smart Space” offers,
  • Creative Education.


People and companies which decide to start their business activities in the O4 zone may count on support in establishment of relations and local, country and foreign cooperation, including i.a. creation of new companies and businesses, new development chances for existing partnerships, exchange of experience, searching for financing, cooperation of science with business, education and development of art and design.  


We want this new place and new zone to offer a high quality program for various age groups – including children, youth and people who search for development and inspiration and those who want to have a new occupation or qualifications. It will be possible thanks to participation in such projects as, for instance, InfoShare Academy which is currently being inaugurating by us – says Marta Moksa, chairman of the O4 project.   


O4 is to be a platform of meetings and ecosystem of business which gathers and unites people who are engaged in creation of innovative entrepreneurship in Tricity. There have been many cyclic meetings in the conference center since the beginning of this year, for instance societies of 3camp.pl, family corporations as well as number of training courses, workshops and demonstrational lectures, i.a. an unconventional educational center – Gimnazjum Thinking Zone. O4 is also related to services – language lessons, tango, Zumba and offer of financial support, e.g. with the use of means from the LQT fund.   


Residents of O4 in Olivia Business Center:

  • Barona
  • BIGLetter
  • Black Pearls VC
  • Blue Dot Solutions
  • Center of Thinking
  • CTAdventure
  • Dlaodmiany.pl
  • Dolce Vita
  • Edukacja żywieniowa Poniatowska
  • eGain
  • English Unlimited
  • Gliniana Kura
  • Gamereer
  • InfoShare Academy
  • Martela
  • Olten Group
  • Royal Home
  • Tango Argentino
  • Thinking Zone
  • Walutuj.pl
  • Webmerce
  • WebOn
  • Widzicki.com
  • Winning Moves
  • Zumba – Topdance


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